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Chinese Herbal Medicine Store

The traditional Chinese herbal medicine has a history of 5,000 years, The study found that Chinese herbal medicine can help blood circulation (energy, liquid and food), conditioning yin and yang balance (cold / hot, wet / dry, etc.) has a unique effect. It is our Natural Healthy herbs site to provide customers with a platform of understanding and the use of Chinese herbs, and also provide a way for people who need to keep fit.

Natural Healthy herbs  company providing customers with all-natural and healthy herbs in the United States which is including most medical herb : herbal formulas, natural tea, ginseng, acupuncture supplies, acupuncture needles, plaster, oil for pain & traditional herbs and cream .

Anyone who has a cold, fever, headache, insomnia, anxiety and trouble to sleep, blood sugar, cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. symptoms, just log on to our Web site, can be found in proprietary Chinese medicines to adapt to a variety of symptoms.

If the items that you want to order are unavailable in our websites, please feel Free to call or email us, we will do our best to your needs.

Please remember our website: www.naturalhealthyherbs.com



Latest Products
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Huang Lian Shang Qing Pian ( Captidis Camlination Extract)   “Great Wall” Brand (96Tables)
Clears heat, drains fire, resolves toxins, dispels pathogenic wind, frees the stool, benefits the eyes, opens the orifices, relieves pain
Relieve Fire, Dispel Wind-Heat, Clear Wind-Heat, Promote bowel movement Size: 96 Tablets 12-8 Tablets Vials
Yin Chiao Chietupien (Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian) "Great Wall" Brand 96 Tables
Use for the health of the respiratory system and the common cold or influenza, provides for the general well-being of the body
Size: 12 - 8 Tablets Vials (96 Tablets)
Female Hygiene Cleanser ( Fu Yin JIe Xi Ye)  For External use only
This brand has retained millions of loyal female customers in China over the years because of its premium and reliable quality as an external cleansing wash to help relieve vaginal discomfort or unpleasant odor
use for: hot and humid bet caused by vaginal itching, or burning pain, with a lot of quantity, yellow color, trichomonas sex vaginitis
Size : 150ml / bottle
Ge Jie Da Bu Wan (Ge Jie Tonic Pills) 50 capsules
Use for warming Yang, tomifying qi and blood, Fatigue, cold limbs, weak lower back, poor circulation, shortness of breath, low sex drive, frequent urination, insomnia, ringing in the ears, palpitations, post-illness, post-surgery, postpartum weak
Size: 50 Capsules / Bottle

Buy Natural & Organic Herbs, Chinese Herbal Medicines Store Online

Diabetic/High Blood Sugars view all »
Six Flavor Rehmannia Pill ( Liu Wei Di Huang Wan)
For a person with liver and kidney Yin(vital essence)deficiency
Net Wt: 200 pills / bottle

Price: $4.50
Specific Jiang Tang Remedy (Jing Zhi Jiang Tang Lingl) 60 Capsules “Zhen He Tang"”
Specific Jiang Tang Remedy (Jing Zhi Jiang Tang Lingl) is used for lipid diabetes and sugar diabetes, help maintain normal blood sugar level and circulation
Size: 60 Capsules / Bottle
(each 400 mg)

Price: $5.75
Lose hair view all »
Bird’s Nest (Yan Wo) 1oz.
The bird's nest contains rich minerals, active protein and collagen and other nutrients, use for promote cell regeneration and metabolism
Improve immune ability, raise colour beauty Make the skin smooth, 100%Natural & Clean
Size: 28g / Box (Product of Indonesia)

Price: $99.00
Fo-Ti Extract (Shou Wu Pian)
Use for maintain healthy hair, white hair, alopecia
heart failure, hair growing and body’s natural balance and general well being, Size:100 Tabletss (250mg/Each)

Price: $4.50
Alopecia Areata Pill (Ban Tu Wan)
Use for general alopecia, baldness, seborrheic alopecia, alopecia due to the blood vacuity, alopecia following childbirth or following a serious disease
Size: 1
23 oz

Price: $6.75
Man Sex view all »
Hai Ma Jian Shen Wan (Sea Horse Bushing Wan) “Great Wall Brand”
Use for nourishes the kidney Yang, lack of sexual drive or impotence, tiredness,cold limbs or lower back pain
Net Wt: 120 pills/ bottle

Price: $8.25
Pure Korean Red Ginseng (Gao Li Sheng Wan) "Royal King”Brand(50 Capsules)
Use for incres Nourish Qi, promote endurance and energy, very effective as a stimulant, for fatigue, lack of energy, also can enhance immunity, Size: 50 Capsules/ Bottle, 500mg/Each (1,75oz/ 50g)

Price: $6.50
Xia Sang Ju Beverage Herbal Drink Mix “Royal King" Brand
a freshener drink for wind-heat common cold, red eyes and headache, garget and angina
Clearing the liver and brightening eye, dispersing wind and dissipating heat, eliminating dampness and impediment Net WT: 3

Price: $4.99
Siuns Buster Herbal Tea(Te Xiao Hua Fen Bi Min Gan Cha)100%  Natural 20 Teabags
for the curing of acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis and allergic rhinitis
Caffeine Free
100% Natural
Net Wt: 2g X 20 bags

Price: $4.99
Weight Loss/Obesity view all »
Shou Fu Jiang Zhi Jian Fei Wan (Keep Fit Capsules)   “Double Swan"Brand
Use for maintain normal cholesterol and blood fat, help people lose weight, reduce the excess fat in the human body to keep healthy and body fitness,
Size: 20 Capsules

Price: $5.25
Tibetan Hawthorn Tea (Xi Zang Jiang Zhi Cha)
Tibetan Hawthorn Tea helpful with maintain normal cholesterol levels, obesity, lack of exercise and office personnel, Size: 36 herbal teabags / box

Price: $6.99
Jiang Zhi Jian Fei Wan (Weight Loss and Fat Reducing Pills)
Use for maintain normal cholesterol and blood fat, help people lose weight, reduce the excess fat in the human body to keep health and body
Net Wt: 200 Pills/ Bottle

Price: $4.50
E Z Shaper
Revolutionary Formula of Weight Loss ,fat burner and toxin cleaning
No side effects ‐ 100% herbal blend! Net wt: 30 capsules/bottle

Price: $49.99
Collection view all »
Celebrating Lunar New Year 2016
This year is the year of the monkey
Individuals born during the Year of the Monkey are said to be clever, wise, and honest
Chinese New year, stamp

Price: $19.99
Commemorative Quarters of the United States: Collector's Album 1999-2008
Commemorative Quarters of the United States Book is holding your complete original series of the state quarters
Also a spot to place one extra coin to show the front version of the Washington Quarter

Price: $29.99
Medal Of Honor (Army/Forever/USA) "Stamps"
The two Medal of Honor: World War II stamps feature photographs of the Army and the Navy versions of the Medal of Honor (one on each stamp) hung from a light blue ribbon

Price: $18.99
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